On the heels of a Phantom:

Bolitho Blane Story
Installation "Bolitho Blane Story"
Brandy I 1995

Bolitho Blane StoryBolitho Blane Story

Who is Bolitho Blane?

Documents and clues from his life and from the "S.Y. GOLDEN GULL", the ship from where he disappeared in 1936: A piece of blood-stained curtain, human hair most probably from Bolitho Blane himself, some used cigaretes... Was he murdered?

Traces of an identity:

Photo left:
The grand-parents of R. Brandy
together with Bolitho Blane?
The photo was taken in 1940,
that's 4 years after B. Blanes
"mysterious" disappearance!

The only known photo of
Bolitho Blane's girlfriend.
Bolitho Blane Story Bolitho Blane Story

Bolitho Blane Story

Installations 1995:

Searching for B. Blane (1896-1936?)
Reconstruction of his voyages...

Bolitho Blane Story
Bolitho Blane Story

Double or Ghost, Fantasy or Apparition?
Just the character of a book or a human being like you and me?

J'ignore où j'en suis vraiement avec cette histoire, mais le doute m'assiège parfois: je suis de plus en plus intimement persuadé que nous avons plusieurs vies. J'en entretiens l'espoir...

Robert Brandy
October 1995

Bolitho Blane Story"Une vie avant la vie"
Integrated Installation
1995, 40 x 40 cm

Who was the real Bolitho Blane? Who stands behind the character of the murder mystery "Murder off Miami", 1936, from Dennis Wheatley? Was there a living match, was Bolitho Blane really alive? There are strong hints backing up that idea. And there is a connection to Robert Brandy which is much more than quite accidentally. For Example the photo with the grand-parents of Robert Brandy together with Bolitho Blane. The grand-parents themselfs have declared that this photo is authentic. Robert Brandy walked the footsteps of Bolitho Blane in many places on this earth without even knowing it: He was in Las Vegas and Miami, in Cologne and Vera Cruz, in Brookland and at the Nürburgring... and he suddenly remembered details he had never before seen. Brandy met companions of Bolitho Blane, for example in an old bar in Vera Cruz, and they were for him like old fellas even he had never seen them before. From those travels Robert Brandy brought home many keep-sakes from Bolitho Blane and he transformed those to precious pieces of art. Pieces that point towards a "different" life, a "new" life, a life after death and before birth...

Blane's Double or Second Face? Resurrection or Rebirth?
"Une vie avant la vie"

Maybe you find the answer in the Internet. There is a website dedicated to the question "who was Bolitho Blane" with documents and all the latest results of the research for the true character of Boltitho Blane: