The new STUDIO

In spring 2001 Robert Brandy finally could move to his new premises, a studio in Luxembourg not far from where he was living. But what a fantastique studio it is: Formally a locksmithery it has all what Brandy needs. Highroofed rooms with large windows for best light-conditions for painting. And furthermore now he has all the place he needs. Place for all his paintings, for his collection of British Sports Cars, room for his Pétroliana-collection and for all the leftovers from Bolitho Blane, which he collected over the years from all over the world.

the new studio

Every new painting starts here in the studio with the preparation of the new canvas and the composition of the paint. Brandy is one of the few contemporary artists left who does all be himself, cutting the canvas, stretching it with his own hand and producing his own paints. A mixture of bone-glue, colour pigments, chalk + ... no, we are not going to reveal the know-how to Brandy's paints, that is still his secret.
I am not keen on buying canvases which have already been sized, they frighten me; while I prepare them, I prepare myself too. In fact, this work takes time and I enjoy this moment when I think of nothing. So it takes my mind of worrying about what I am going to paint...

Stretching a canvas is all I ever learned at the Beaux-Arts. I never use clips, I stretch it with my hands. All this manual work keeps my anxiety at bay.
all that's needed: brushes and color
Thereafter Robert Brandy carefully arranges a collage on the canvas. For that he uses different materials like paper, wood, metal and so on which he finds in things of everyday's use. Wripp-offs from newspapers and magazines form the base of his paintings as well as pieces of cotton or for example a piece of a crashed can of Coca Cola, as can be seen in the picture below.
'as found', IV 2002 The collage means there is something on the canvas, and now, I am no longer afraid of starting...

The collage gives me something to lean on to begin with, but I shall probably challenge it, obliterate it, destroy it. I like to imagine that it will gradually be covered up and become the underlaying, secret heart of my painting.

Do you want to watch Robert Brandy during his work?
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show video of R. Brandy

The new studio is not only the perfect place for Robert Brandy to compose his paintings but it's also a fountain of quietness and contemplation. Here he assembles everything around himself, everything that really counts for him in addition to his family: His collection of British Sports Cars, the big ones well-maintained and roadworthy, the small ones in tiny boxes and behind glass, his collection of Pétrolianas, vintage oilcans, fuel pumps and numerous other old motoring stuff, and last not least all the relics of his double Bolitho Blane. That's the environment where he gathers all his power and inspiration needed for creating his masterpieces of art.

Classic British Sportscars in the new studio Brandy's new studio
Relics of Bolitho Blane
The spirit of Bolitho Blane is to be found everywhere in this studio.
Is Robert Brandy indeed the person Bolitho Blane himself?