Robert Brandy 1988
Robert Brandy, 1988

Robert Brandy was born in 1946 in Luxembourg as Robert Brandenburger. Already as a fourteen years old boy he knew that his destination was to become an artist and painter. Influenced by the way of painting of Cézannes, Brandy went to France in 1972 and absolved an education at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Aix-en-Provence. It was then that he came into contact with the School of Nizza, the happenings of BEN and the paintings of Bioulès and Vialat. In 1976 Robert Brandy returned home to Luxembourg. Since then he showed his works of art at numerous exhibitions in U.S.A., Canada, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and his native place Luxembourg.

Today you will find paintings of Robert Brandy in many
Art Collections and Art Museums all over the world.
Among others Brandy is represented in the following cities and museums:

Robert Brandy with family
Robert Brandy with family
  • Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
  • Rijksmuseum Meermanno, The Hague
  • Museum d'Art et d'Histoire, Luxembourg
  • Museum of the city of Luxembourg
  • Museum of Modern Art, Birmingham
  • Museum der Menschenrechte, Geneva
  • Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne
  • Fonds Cantonnal de Decoration et d'Art visuel, Geneva
  • Communaute Française de Belgique, Brüssel
  • ISELP, Institut Superieur d'Etude du Language plastique, Brüssel
  • Museum of the 20th Century Arts, Timotca, USA
  • The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
  • The Arts and Science Center, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA
  • Rutherford University Collection, New Jersey, USA
  • Carnegy Hall, New-York, USA
  • Fondation Antonio Prates, Lisbon
  • Kärntener Landesgalerie, Klagenfurt
  • Contemporary Collection, Budapest
  • Museum d'Art Moderne, Rijeka
  • Nouveau Siège de la Comnission Européenne, Bruxelles
  • Bibliothèque du Centre Universitaire, Luxembourg (plafond)
  • Bibliothèque Nationale de Bern
  • Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris
  • Bibliothèque Nationale de Luxembourg
  • Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire de Strasbourg
  • Ville de Luxembourg
  • Collections d'Etat, Luxembourg, Dänemark, Bahrein
  • Bank of Luxembourg, Dexia-Bank International of Luxembourg
  • Bank Generale of Luxembourg, Banque et Caisse d'Eparne de l'Etat
  • Hessische Landesbank, Industriekreditbank, and other Banks and Societes in and out of Luxembourg

Besides his appointment to painting, Robert Brandy has got another passion, which he is pursuing with great determination: The restoration and driving of Classic Cars.

Robert Brandy with drawings of his Austin Healey Brandy in his Healey 3000 MK-II

Goodyear Circuit 1999: Robert Brandy is seen here piloting his Austin Healey 3000 MK-II from the year '63.

Robert Brandy explains some tehnical details of his Austin Healey
and shows us some drawings, he has made of his car.

It is quite obvious that Classic British Sports Cars turn up as a motif in his paintings and have some kind of influence on many of his works of art, as you can see below.

detail from 'Morgan one of the Best' II-III 93

"Morgan one of the Best" II-III 93

Detail of the painting. For that collage Robert Brandy used an old article of the magazine "The Light Car & Cyclecar" from March 18, 1927. He over-painted the advertisements of the Morgan Motor Company with his own expression of Morgan 3-Wheelers. This picture is also to be found on the Morgan 3-Wheeler Homepage:
'Morgan one of the Best' II-III 93

Autoportrait, Galerie Dexia-Bil 'the end', 1994
Autoportrait, Galerie Dexia-Bil, Luxembourg 2000 "the end", 1994

Robert Brandy in the Galerie La Cité, 2000
Robert Brandy in the Galerie La Cité in the year 2000